Child Support Services can help you support your children by enforcing what is in a current order, help you get a new order, or change an existing order. The parent who is ordered to receive payments chooses which types of services Child Support Services provides. The following table shows what services are received when you select a service level:

Full Services Limited Services Medical Only Support Payment Recording Services
Get an order for financial and or medical services X X
(medical only)
Determine paternity X
Get genetic testing X X
Locate another parent X X
Work with other child support agencies on your behalf X X
Pay child support payments X X
Collect child support payments X X
Enforce an order X X
(medical only)
Change an order X

More information about our services is available in the Child Support Brochure (English or Spanish).

Child Support Services does not get involved in matters of custody and visitation. Forms are available through the Idaho Court Assistance Office website to help you handle these issues, or you can ask that a private attorney help establish or change the terms of your current order.

How do I apply for services?

Either parent can request services. If you are the legal guardian of a child, you can also apply for services. Complete and mail an application with a $25 non-refundable check or money order. If you have access to the following documents, please include a copy with your application:
  • Your child support order.
  • Modification orders, if your order was changed.
  • A copy of the child's birth certificate (if the child was born in a state other than Idaho).

I didn't apply for services, but I received paperwork from Child Support Services to set up a case. Why?

If you didn't apply for services and you received a packet of paperwork from Child Support Services, a couple of things could have happened.

When can I start making or receiving payments after I apply?

If an order was previously established, Child Support Services can set up your case in as little as two weeks.

If Child Support Services is helping you create an order, this process can take from three to six months. Because setting up a case can include legal processes, Child Support Services must allow adequate time for both parents to return the required paperwork. When both parents provide all associated paperwork to establish an order, it takes significantly less time.

I received paperwork attempting to set up a child support case. I don't believe I am the father. What do I do?

If you question whether you are the father of a child, please do not ignore your paperwork. Contact Child Support Services at 1-800-356-9868 to discuss what options are available to you. It is easier to establish that you are not the father before an order is created instead of waiting until the legal relationship has been established through a child support order. Even when there is proof that you are not the father and a court order exists establishing you as the father, you are still responsible to pay any obligations accrued before you were determined not to be the father through a new court order.