Make Payments

You can choose to make payments through your employer, the mail, or our online payment system. If you have multiple cases, your payment is distributed first to current support due in that month, next to past-due balances owed to the child's parent or guardian, and lastly, to any legal fees owed to Idaho (or another state). If you have multiple cases and wish to make a payment to a Payment Recording Services case, you need to specify that case when making a payment. If you do not specify that case, your payment is credited to your other cases.

Your order might specify how to make payments. Many orders specify that payments are to be made through an employer through automatic and immediate wage withholding. When language like this is in your order, Child Support Services is required to follow the instructions in the order.

All payments are distributed to the other parent within two business days.

How do I pay through my employer?

Many parents find it most convenient to automatically deduct wages through an employer. This ensures accurate and timely payments without having to remember to write a check or go online. The deduction amount matches the current amount due each month, but can also be increased to pay off past-due support as well. Child Support Services can use up to 50% of a parent's wages to apply to child support obligations. To set up an automatic deduction of your wages, please send us an email to

Payments through your employer are not available for Payment Recording Services cases. Your employer is allowed to charge $5.00 for each payment submitted through that employer.

How do I pay via the mail?

Paying through the mail via personal check or money order is another way to pay. If you mail payments, make sure to send your payment a few days prior to the end of the month, so you can receive credit for your payment in the month it is due. Please include the following information so you receive credit for your payment:
  • Your name
  • Case number(s)
  • Your address
If you wish to pay on a Payment Recording Services case, you need to specify the amount you wish to pay for that case.

You must pay for postage to make payments through the mail.

Payments can be mailed to:

Idaho Child Support Receipting Services
PO Box 70008
Boise, ID 83707-0108

How do I pay online?

Paying online works well if you need to make a payment quickly. If you prefer to pay online through Access Idaho, you need the following information to create an account:
  • Social Security Number
  • A valid email address
  • Client ID (available from your MyChildSupport account)
  • Your debit or credit card information
After registering for an account, Access Idaho emails you a user name and temporary password to activate your account. You are free to make online payments.

To make an online payment, you need your Client ID and Social Security Number. This helps Access Idaho ensure your payments are applied to your case. You need to create an Access Idaho account in order to make payments online.

Why can't I pay online through Child Support?

Having online payments handled by a third party protects Child Support Services and you to prevent a conflict of interest and to protect your financial information.

The amount I owe each month is more than I can afford. What can I do?

The amount owed each month in a child support order is based on the child support guidelines from the state where the order was created. For your convenience, you can view a copy of Idaho's Child Support Guidelines. As circumstances change, this amount might become difficult for you to sustain. Many individuals seek new employment, a second job, or sell personal belongings to help support their children.

You can also request to change your order. Changing your order may result in an increase or decrease to your support obligation each month, as the amount ordered is not only based on what you earn in your current position, but also your earning potential and other assets. You have options to attempt to change your order; however, it costs money to change the order, especially if you hire a private attorney.

I just lost my job. What are my options?

Unemployment is difficult on families in many ways. It can be difficult to make ends meet and also meet your court-ordered obligation each month. We understand that personal circumstances may require different payment arrangements.

If you have changes in your employment, especially if you lose a job, call Child Support Services at 1-800-356-9868 to make payment arrangements acceptable to your circumstances and your children's circumstances. Consistent child support payments benefit your family and you. While you continue to pay your court-ordered monthly amount, Child Support Services will not pursue license suspension or contempt action.

When you receive unemployment benefits, Child Support Services can use up to 50% of the weekly benefit to help you stay current on your child support obligations. This can take from four to six weeks to arrange, and Child Support Services sends notification prior to any funds being withheld from unemployment benefits. If the amount listed in the notification is not acceptable to your situation, you have 14 days to request an administrative review or make other arrangements before Child Support Services proceeds with withholding unemployment benefits.

If you do not contact Child Support Services, it may appear that you are unwilling to pay, and Child Support Services may initiate actions to enforce an order. By calling Child Support Services, we can work with you to provide options that may prevent issues until you can get back on your feet.