Locate a Parent

If you have lost contact with the other parent, Child Support Services may be able to locate the individual.

Child Support Services partners with many agencies to help locate parents. When a parent's address or employment information is missing or incorrect, system interfaces automatically access information from agencies such as:
  • Department of Health and Welfare
  • Department of Labor
  • National Directory of New Hires
  • Department of Fish and Game
  • Department of Transportation
  • Federal Parent Locator Service
Child Support Services also has a team of professionals who are skilled at researching parent's information. This information may be used to enforce a child support order.

Parents in other states

Children need financial and emotional support from both parents, even when a parent lives in a different state or country. Many Native American Indian Tribes throughout the United States have also established Child Support agencies that are recognized as official Child Support agencies, the same as other states and countries. Child support agencies in other states and tribes work together with Idaho Child Support to provide services for children.

Getting another state's help

Idaho Child Support Services determines when another state, country, or tribal agency's help is needed. Once Idaho Child Support Services gathers enough information to open a case, we send the required information to the other state or tribal Child Support agency. We notify you if another state or tribal Child Support agency needs you to complete forms or provide information. You do not need to communicate directly with the other state or tribal Child Support agency - we will take care of that for you.

Until you begin receiving child support payments, we periodically contact the other state or tribal Child Support agency to check the status of your case.

Following another state's laws and policies

If the other parent lives or works in another state or on an Indian Reservation, that state's laws or tribal laws must be followed. Caseworkers in that state or tribe know and understand the laws and policies of their state or tribe. They also have better access to information, such as if the other parent changes jobs, receives worker's compensation, or even wins the lottery.

Because of the variation in the laws for another state or tribe, additional time might be required to process your case.

Involving another state may take more time

Cases involving another state often take more time than cases involving parents who both live in Idaho. When an out-of-state parent makes a payment, the payment is sent to the other state or tribal Child Support agency, then it is forwarded to Idaho Child Support Services. We record the payment and send it to you. This process allows both agencies to keep accurate payment records.

Fees for services owed to another state

Other states or tribes may charge for services. If they do, the fees are paid from money collected from the other parent before the checks are sent to Idaho Child Support Services.

How you can help?

Please provide complete and accurate information. Let Idaho Child Support Services know if you have any information that may be helpful, such as where the other parent lives or works. We will forward the information to the other state or tribe, when appropriate.

How to find out what is happening on your case

Idaho Child Support Services stays in close contact with other state and tribal Child Support agencies. If you have any questions or information, contact Idaho Child Support Customer Service at 1 (800) 356-9868. If Customer Service does not have all the information you request, we will contact the other state or tribe and call you back with the requested information.