Get an order

If you do not have a child support order, Child Support Services can help you through the legal process to get one. To begin the process, Child Support Services sends both parents a letter requesting detailed information and explaining the process of getting an order.

If you choose to hire a private attorney to establish an order, please notify Child Support Services, as some situations require Child Support Services to be involved.

Because this is a legal process, Child Support Services must verify that both parents received the documents. To accomplish this, the legal documents associated with getting an order are sent via certified mail, or delivered by a local sheriff or professional process server.

It is important to understand that Child Support Services can help establish an order, but does not represent you or the other parent during this process. Child Support Services strives to make sure that the best interest of the child is supported when establishing an order.

How is the child support amount determined?

Child support amounts are set using Idaho Child Support Guidelines. The income of both parents, the number of children each parent supports, the cost of medical insurance premiums, and the child tax credit are all considered in determining a child support amount.

What if there are questions about who the child's father is?

If the paternity of the child is in question, let Child Support Services know while an order is being established. Child Support Services may be able to provide some options to help identify the father before the order is created.

The paperwork sent to you as part of the order establishment process asks detailed questions to help determine the parentage of the child. These questions are necessary, as after an order has already established an individual as the legal father of a child, it is much more difficult and costly to dissolve that legal relationship.

Is there a cost to get a child support order?

Because getting a child support order involves attorneys and courts, Child Support Services charges for legal services. The amount charged to create an order is significantly less than hiring a private attorney.
  • If the other parent does not contest the child support order, and a default order is obtained, the charge is typically $270.
  • If you and the other parent agree to and sign the order then it is not necessary to go to court. The charge for this service is typically $450.
  • If Child Support Services' attorneys must go to court, the charge is typically $525.
Child Support Services asks the judge to order the parent paying child support to also pay the legal costs associated with getting the child support order. You can view a complete listing of fees associated with all legal actions provided by Child Support Services.

If you choose to hire a private attorney to establish an order, please notify Child Support Services, as some situations require Child Support Services to be involved.

How Do I Pay Legal Fees?

If you are the parent who is ordered to pay support, Child Support Services will work with you to make payment arrangements. These funds can be submitted along with child support payments due each month, or you can call 1-800-356-9868 to make other arrangements.

If you are the parent who receives payment, Child Support Services keeps 20 percent of each child support payment until the legal costs are paid. If you would like to make a payment towards your balance, please call Child Support Services at 1-800-356-9868 for further instructions.