Ending Services

Your child support order indicates when child support is no longer due. Even though an order lists a monthly obligation that Child Support Services collects, you have choices regarding the services Child Support Services provides.

If you are the parent ordered to receive support, you can choose to have Child Support Services attempt to enforce your case, or take a less active role and just distribute payments. If you receive public assistance, such as Food Stamps or cash aid, your case remains enforced until you no longer receive public assistance.

Does Child Support Services stop collecting support when my child turns 18?

Although orders vary greatly, many Idaho orders state that support is due until a child graduates from high school or turns 18 (also called emancipation), whichever is later.

If multiple children are listed on an order and your order does not indicate how the child support obligation changes when one or more of the children emancipates, you may wish to request a change to your order.

If a parent owes past-due support after the court order no longer requires payment, Child Support Services continues to take action to collect past-due support until the youngest child's 28th birthday, or, in some cases, even longer.