Child Support and Other State Agencies

Child Support Services partners with many state agencies to help support children. When a child or a parent is involved with certain services (such as receiving public assistance or participating in the Foster Care program), special considerations may apply. For more information on how child support agencies work together, visit the Office of Child Support Enforcement web site.

What if I or my child receives public assistance?

If either parent receives benefits from the state - cash aid, Food Stamps, or medical benefits - Child Support Services automatically becomes involved to make sure the other parent provides financial and medical support. This helps ensure that available funds from a child's parents are used to care for the child prior to using state tax payers dollars.

The parent who receives benefits must cooperate with Child Support Services to continue receiving benefits. The $25 application fee is waived, and other fees are not charged to parents who receive benefits from the state when the child lives in the same household.

Parents ordered to receive support are required to have a Child Support Services case that is enforced when participating in the Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance to Families in Idaho (TAFI) program. If you or your child receives only Medicaid benefits, you have the option to request that Child Support services only enforce medical services for your child.

If you are a caretaker relative who receives TAFI, you have the option to receive support from both parents or neither parent.

What if my child is in Alternative Care?

As a parent, your child's well being is your responsibility, even when the child does not live with you. When a child is in Alternative Care (also called Foster Care) for more than one month, Child Support Services works with you to establish a child support order, as needed, and collect support to help pay for the cost of care for the time your child is away from home. Both parents pay child support to help cover the cost.

You can make payments, and Child Support Services sends the money to the agency providing care for your child. If more than one child is listed on the order, but not all children are in Foster Care, call Child Support Services at 1-800-356-9868 for instructions.