Child Support Orders

Each child support order is carefully determined with a child's best interest in mind. Orders generally specify financial and/or medical obligations to help support a child. In Idaho, all child support orders must be signed by a judge. You can ask Child Support Services or a private attorney to help you with your order, or you can do it yourself. If you need help deciding which of these options are right for you, please see the Court Assistance Office web site.

A civil number is assigned to the court proceedings associated with an order. Multiple orders may be filed under the same civil number. Once an order has been signed by a judge and processed, a civil number for the proceedings is associated with an order.

Child Support Services can help obtain, enforce, or change a support order; however, issues of custody and visitation are not addressed in orders Child Support Services creates. These topics must be addressed by a private attorney or by your own order filed with the court.