Create an account

Payments online are handled through a third-party vendor (Access Idaho), which handles all online payments for the State of Idaho. This allows Child Support Services staff to better serve you.

Because payments are not handled through Child Support Services directly, your MyChildSupport login and password do not log you in to the payment site.

If you prefer to pay online through Access Idaho, you need the following information to create an account:
  • Social Security Number
  • A valid email address
  • Client ID (available from your MyChildSupport account)
  • Your debit or credit card information
After registering for an account, Access Idaho emails you a user name and temporary password to activate your account. You can make online payments once your account is activated. A $7.00 transaction fee is assessed for each payment.

If you have multiple cases, your payment is distributed first to current support due in that month, next to past-due balances owed to THE CHILDS PARENT OR GUARDIAN, and lastly, applied to any legal fees owed to Idaho (or another state). If you have multiple cases and wish to make a payment to a Payment Recording Services case, you need to make a payment through the mail. Specify the case number for the Payment Recording Services case, or your payment will be credited to your other cases.